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CEO Update from Bill Barrable - July 2013

Dear colleagues:

This update expands on our last communications to you regarding new, long-term sources of funding from the Government of Canada and the Rick Hansen Foundation to help accelerate our work. Having renewal funding confirmed is a major milestone for the Institute and could not have been achieved without the tremendous work of you, our network partners.

The first five years of our collective efforts were focused on capacity, infrastructure and network building. Going forward, we will place far greater focus on identifying cures (see our definition of Cure below and in the FAQ section to your left) for SCI and effectively translating research results into the medical and technological interventions required to improve the quality of life for individuals with acute and chronic SCI and to reduce health care costs. This will continue to include generating knowledge about SCI, translating the knowledge and affecting change in clinical practice to result in better outcomes for people with SCI.

We expect to see better results, in terms of improved and standardized care across the country, and a reduction in the level of impairment after injury.

Click her for more details on our plans for the coming years.