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RHI and ONF partner to support three leading SCI summits this November

The Rick Hansen Institute (RHI) is proud to partner with the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation (ONF) to co-fund, engage in program planning, and attend three leading summits focused on care-related issues for people with spinal cord injury (SCI). Each summit will be hosted in Toronto, ON.

While each meeting is focused on a different topic area, they share a common purpose – to connect research and subject matter experts, clinicians and policy makers, gather input from those with lived experience, and develop strategies to implement practice guidelines. Summit participants are invited based on their expertise and knowledge of each topic area. The discussions at all three summits will help shape strategies in the respective areas for RHI and ONF to implement regionally and nationally. This will lead to improved practice or standards of care, more effective collaboration, new partnerships, and most importantly, improved quality of life for individuals with SCI.

  • Neuropathic Pain Care and SCI – November 4, 2016
    Read SCI Ontario's summary of the event, including future plans.
  • Urological Health and SCI Summit – November 11, 2016
  • SCI Primary Care Summit – November 23, 2016
    Dr. Bob Bell, the Deputy Minister of Health and Long-Term Care for Ontario is the keynote speaker. Visit the ONF website here for a summary of the origin and focus of this event. Additional Sponsors: SCI Ontario, Centre for Family Medicine-Mobility Clinic