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New website provides in-depth overview of participating in clinical trials

Are you looking for a trustworthy site on clinical trials for people interested in learning more or who you think should learn more? A new website (www.itstartswithme.ca) has been developed by patients and caregivers who have participated in a clinical trial, or have had a loved one participate in a clinical trial, and by people who work in clinical trials and research. The website provides an overview of clinical trials, including things to think about or ask before deciding to participate, participant rights, and a glossary of terms.

itstartswithmeThe site was created by the Network of Networks (N2) which represents member organizations that conduct clinical research and trials in Canada. Itstartswithme.com is meant to be informative and a forum to create more conversation about clinical research and trials. The ultimate goal is to provide people with enough information to make informed decisions about participating in research activities.

RHI’s former Consumer Engagement Lead, Jocelyn Maffin, was a member of the Clinical Trials and Education Awareness Committee that created the website and RHI’s Director of Clinical Research Operations, Erin Cherban, is a N2 board member and has been involved in reviewing and approving the content for creation of the website.