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Canadian and Chinese experts join forces to improve the lives of those living with paralysis after spinal cord injury around the world

April 16, 2014 (Beijing) – The Rick Hansen Institute (RHI), Peking University Third Hospital (PUTH) and Accreditation Canada International (ACI) announced today that they will be working together to develop and implement best practice standards for acute and rehabilitative care for spinal cord injuries (SCI) in China. A unique opportunity to learn and combine best practices developed in China and Canada, implementation of these standards will ultimately ensure that the approximately 60,000 individuals who sustain a spinal cord injury China each year receive the best possible care and health outcomes.

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Dr. Maria Barrados, Chair of Accreditation Canada International, Dr. Jie Qiao, President of Peking University Third Hospital and Mr. Bill Barrable, CEO of the Rick Hansen Institute with the Hon. Rona Ambrose, Canada’s Minister of Health, and the Hon. Li Bin, Minister of the China National Health and Family Planning Commission, and members of the 4th Canada-China Health Policy Dialogue looking on. Photo courtesy of Health Canada.

The signing ceremony took place in Beijing with Dr. Jie Qiao, President of PUTH, Bill Barrable, CEO of RHI, and Maria Barrados, Chair of ACI, as part of the 4th China-Canada Health Policy Dialogue Information hosted by the China National Health and Family Planning Commission and Public Health Agency of Canada. The signing was attended by the Hon. Rona Ambrose, Canada’s Minister of Health, and the Hon. Li Bin, Minister of the China National Health and Family Planning Commission.

“This is a first in our field. We are pleased and honoured to be working with a hospital with the expertise and stature that Peking University Third Hospital has in China. It’s an outstanding Institution with inspired leadership. We look forward to learning much from PUTH and its network of leading health care experts. It’s this kind of international collaboration that will accelerate the pace at which new discoveries can be made to improve the lives of people living with spinal cord injury regardless of where they live, “ said Mr. Barrable, CEO of RHI.

“As home to world-leading SCI-related research, advanced care and treatment, both China and Canada are well positioned to embark on this new partnership. We are pleased that the Peking University Third Hospital is the first international implementation site for this RHI and ACI initiative and if successful, could eventually lead to nation-wide application of those practices in this country,” said Dr. Jie Qaio, President of PUTH.

“ACI is proud to further the outstanding work performed by Accreditation Canada and RHI in improving the lives of patients suffering from spinal cord injury. We welcome this unique opportunity to work with PUTH to facilitate the appropriation of best practices by the Chinese and the international health care community.” said Sébastien Audette CEO of Accreditation Canada International. “This partnership reflects our commitment to innovation and local partnership and ultimately aims to promote and recognize excellent care provided to individuals recovering from spinal cord injuries.”

Over the next two years, RHI, PUTH and ACI will work together to review, revise, implement and improve best practice standards. RHI and ACI developed and produced the first-ever set of evidence-based best practice standards for acute and rehabilitative care of spinal cord injuries for use in Canada in 2013. These standards are currently being implemented in select Canadian hospitals.

About the Rick Hansen Institute

The Rick Hansen Institute (RHI) is a Canadian-based not-for-profit organization committed to accelerating the translation of discoveries and best practices into improved treatments for people with spinal cord injuries. It does this by leading the collaboration of researchers, health care professionals and service providers across Canada and internationally. RHI works in three core program areas: the Rick Hansen Spinal Cord Injury Registry, which captures information and data to identify improved treatments for people with SCI and support multicentre clinical trials; the funding and sponsoring of translational research; and the implementation of best practices. Please visit www.rickhanseninstitute.org for more information.

About Peking University Third Hospital

PUTH was founded in 1958 under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. It is a state-of-the-art hospital offering comprehensive services, including medical services, medical education/teaching, research and prevention. It was a designated hospital for the Olympic Games in 2008. PUTH houses one of China’s best spinal surgery department and the only state-level athletic disease prevention and cure centre certified by the Chinese Olympic Committee. As a teaching hospital of Peking University, PUTH has achieved remarkable accomplishments in medical training and R&D. For more information, please visit www.bysy.edu.cn.

About Accreditation Canada International

Accreditation Canada International (www.internationalaccreditation.ca) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization that offers health care quality improvement services worldwide. ACI provides comprehensive and integrated international accreditation, education, and advisory services to governments, health services, and accreditation organizations to drive quality and to improve safety. ACI’s client-centered approach to service focuses on evidence-based standards and external peer review. ACI works with organizations to foster a dynamic and improved health care environment, while creating a lasting culture of commitment to health care quality improvement.

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