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Fact Sheets

To learn more about RHI and the work that we do, download any of the fact sheets below.

Overview of Rick Hansen Institute

Corporate Brochure English French
National Overview: The Power of Partnerships English French
Key Impact Stories and Accomplishments 2007-2012 English  
Blusson Spinal Cord Centre Overview English
Reality of SCI: Facts and figures on spinal cord injury in Canada [INFOGRAPHIC] English French
RHI's Value Proposition English
Praxis Model Fact Sheet English

Four 'C' Programs

Four 'C' Program Brochure English  
Cure Program Roadmap English  
Care Program Roadmap English  
Commercialization Program Roadmap English  
Consumer Program Roadmap English  

Select Projects & Initiatives

Rick Hansen SCI Registry English  
Rick Hansen SCI Registry Special Report 2011-2013 [REPORT] English
Rick Hansen SCI Registry Report 2014 [REPORT] English  French
Rick Hansen SCI Registry Report 2015 [REPORT] English  French
Rick Hansen SCI Registry Report 2016 [REPORT] English French
Access to Care and Timing English  
Minocycline in Acute SCI English  
CAMPER English  
ISNCSCI Algorithm English  
Knowledge Mobilization Network English  
SCIRE English  
SCI Community Survey English  
Accreditation Standards English  
Global Research Platform English  

Commercialization Partnership Projects

Health Storylines English  
Urodynamic & Clinical Efficacy of Mirabegron English  

SCI Agendas

SCI Pressure Ulcer Agenda English  

Provincial Partnerships

British Columbia English  
Alberta English  
Saskatchewan English  
Manitoba English  
Ontario English  
Québec English French
Nova Scotia English  
New Brunswick English French
Prince Edward Island English  
Newfoundland & Labrador English  

Solutions Magazine

Summer 2012 English  
Winter 2012 English French
Winter 2011 English French
Summer 2010 English French
Spring 2010 English French
Summer 2009 English French
Fall 2009 English French
Winter 2009 English French
Spring 2009 English French

Financial Snapshots

F2012 Report on Financials and Accomplishments English  
F2013 Report on Financials and Accomplishments English