Consumer Program

Our Consumer Program aims to engage people with spinal cord injury in the research process, by improving awareness of SCI research knowledge and value while enhancing opportunities for people with SCI to make evidence-based health decisions.

About the Program

Through the Consumer Program, our goal is to support evidence-based health decisions during a time of high need and difficulty, and to engage people with SCI in the research process by improving awareness of SCI research knowledge and value. Additionally, the program aims to identify activities that could engage consumers, prioritize potential opportunities and collaborate to leverage resources to improve consumer engagement in research activities at the Blusson Spinal Cord Centre (a state-of-the-art facility that brings together SCI specialists under one roof).

The objectives of the Consumer Program are to: 

Provide resources and tools to help answer people's most critical questions about their injury.

Identify activities and opportunities to engage consumers and increase involvement in research activities.

Areas of Focus

The Program intends to meet its objectives by: 

Develop an evidence-based, “go-to” resource that will answer critical questions for the newly injured and their supporters about the healthcare, services and resources available to best support recovery after SCI.

Increase opportunities for people with SCI through collaboration with other SCI organizations on events and tools; the Consumer Program will put research into the hands of consumers in useful formats.

Support a Consumer Advisory Committee representing the SCI population that will guide efforts to engage people with SCI in research, shape evidence-based resources and identify consumer research priorities for RHI and the Blusson Integrated Cures Partnership (a partnership between RHI and ICORD - International Collaboration on Repair Discoveries). View the list of members here.

Advisory Committee and Roadmap

The Consumer Advisory Committee provides a representative voice for SCI consumers and their supporters in the Blusson Integrated Cures Partnership, as well as activities in the Consumer Program strategy. In consultation with the Consumer Advisory Committee, RHI has developed a roadmap which describes the program's objectives and activities.


Current Activities

We often work with organizations that host events to share research knowledge with people with SCI and their families. Check out our News & Events section for the latest updates.

Get information on what a spinal cord injury is, how to stay active and get support.

Read important information about what you should know before you participate in research

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