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Commercialization Program

Our Commercialization Program focuses on facilitating increased investment into the development of innovative pre-commercial therapeutics, medical devices and diagnostics with application to spinal cord injury.

About the Program

In order to bring a greater number of innovations to market, RHI launched its Commercialization Program as part of its 2013-2018 WD Business Plan. Our commercialization strategy is aimed at facilitating the development of innovative pre-commercial therapeutics and medical devices that will improve the lives of those living with spinal cord injury.

The programs' objectives include:

> Accelerating the commercialization process for innovative technologies that will benefit people with SCI.

Increase investor and industry engagement and participation in SCI research and development.

Areas of Focus

RHI will act as an accelerator for innovative technologies (therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics and health-IT technologies) that will benefit people with SCI. We will accomplish this through the following areas:

Leverage RHI’s network in support of development and commercialization initiatives and continue to expand partnerships internationally.

Support early-stage evaluation of technologies to introduce mechanisms/criteria that will proactively evaluate technologies for their applicability and benefit to people with SCI from a commercialization perspective.

Develop policy and advocacy mechanisms related to health economic evaluation, impact analysis, regulatory considerations and advocacy in order to provide the evidence for reimbursement of innovations by payers.

Global Investment Forum

RHI provides early-stage and emerging companies the opportunity to pitch their company and SCI-related technology at an event that is attended by potential investors and partners from the biotechnology and life sciences community (such as industry conferences). We have hosted three forums to date (Interdependence 2012, Biotech Showcase™ 2013, BioPharm America™ 2013). 

Learn more about past Global Investment Forums

Advisory Committee and Roadmap

The Commercialization Program is focused on leveraging the strengths and resources of RHI’s network in SCI research and care to gain development and commercialization expertise. The strategic direction of the Commercialization Program is provided by a Program Advisory Committee. This Committee’s mandate is to advise RHI on how it can best leverage it strengths, while ensuring alignment with our Cure, Care and Consumer Programs. The committee is comprised of professionals with a wide range of business development and commercialization expertise in the life sciences. The committee is chaired by Ross Mason, Healthcare Institution for National Renewal & Innovation.

In consultation with the Commercialization Advisory Committee, RHI has developed a roadmap which describes the program's objectives and activities. 


Current Projects

Below are examples of commercialization-related activites RHI supports:

Health Storylines English  
Urodynamic & Clinical Efficacy of Mirabegron English