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Our Programs 

To meet the objectives set out in our Business Plan for 2013-2018, we developed a framework that will help focus our work, determine activities going forward and ultimately, work towards our vision of a world without paralysis after spinal cord injury. Within this framework, four key outcomes emerged in which we can measure our progress:

> SCI research accelerated towards the cure

Improved and standardized delivery of care across Canada and internationally

Increased development and commercialization of innovations

Increased opportunities for participation in research and health decision-making among consumers

These outcomes are supported by four main programs of the same name. All of RHI's projects and initiatives fall under one of more of these programs. To learn more about RHI's projects and initiatives, click here.

Learn more about our core programs:

Cure Program

Generating knowledge and establishing treatments that will lead to cures for paralysis after SCI

Care Program

Establishing new knowledge and best practices to optimize care

Commercialization Program

Facilitating increased investment in innovative technologies and therapeutics

Consumer Program

Engaging people with SCI, improving awareness and enhancing opportunities