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Expert-curated SCI resources for clinicians and administrators

In 2014, RHI launched a new website called SCI2 (Supporting Clinical Initiatives in Spinal Cord Injury). This website encourages front-line clinicians to become more involved in the Rick Hansen SCI Registry and provides health care administrators with valuable insights on RHSCIR participant demographics.

Covering the most critical areas in SCI care

The site includes expert-curated resources, toolkits for assessment, RHSCIR reports and more on topics that have a big impact on the lives of people with SCI.

SCI topics on the website includes neurology, pain, respiratory function, skin integrity, standing and walking, and the Spinal Cord Independence Measure (SCIM). There are also comprehensive resources on Accreditation Canada's SCI Standards and a section on sexual health after SCI.

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Accessing the site

The site is open to everyone, but for clinicians and health care administrators at a designated RHSCIR site, a username and login is required to access charting forms, message boards and RHSCIR dashboard reports - which includes information on how patients change over time and how they compare to patients across the country. 

 To learn more about SCI2, visit sci2.rickhanseninstitute.org.