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Other Projects & Initiatives

Below are a few more examples of translational research and best practice implementation activities that we are collaborating with other research organizations on.

Project Summary

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Canadian Spine Outcomes and Research Network (CSORN)

The CSORN study tracks specific outcome measures of different surgical techniques used to treat spinal condition in the creation of a national health data registry.



Cerebrospinal Fluid Pressure Monitoring and Biomarker Validation (CAMPER)

The CAMPER study is a multi-centre clinical trial examining spinal cord perfusion pressure and biomarker analysis. The study will help establish best practice guidelines for managing the spinal cord perfusion pressure, which could minimize secondary damage as a result of acute injury and therefore improve recovery. 

Clinicaltrials.gov #NCT01279811

CAMPER fact sheet


Health Economics: Agenda for SCI Research in Canada RHI and the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation are supporting the development and implementation of a health economics agenda for SCI research in Canada in order to enhance decision-making in SCI care and promote the well-being of Canadians who sustain a SCI.

Health Economics report



The Home-based observations and monitoring of events related to urinary tract infections in SCI (HOME-SCI) study looks at the value of regular monitoring of bladder health by using a non-invasive monitoring system. 

Study website (redirected to icord.org)


Minocycline in Acute SCI Minocycline, an antibiotic that has been used as an acne treatment for over 30 years, has demonstrated neuroprotective properties that minimize inflammation and secondary damage to the spinal cord. This multi-centre clinical trial addresses its efficacy and safety for use in human clinical trials.

Clinicaltrials.gov #NCT01828203

Minocycline fact sheet


Perinatal Interest Group The mandate of this group is to initiate collaborative discussions for addressing significant gaps in knowledge and services for women with SCI.

Resources for sexual health after SCI

Learn about pregnancy and SCI


Rehab E-Scan Atlas

This first atlas of Canadian SCI rehabilitation enables rehabilitation providers, people with SCI and their care-givers with evidence-based data to advocate for preventive care, improved clinical care services and a reduction in regional service disparity. 

 Download a free copy



SCI Community Survey

The largest study of its kind ever done in Canada among people with SCI, the primary intent of the SCI Community Survey is to confirm the most important SCI-specific needs of Canadians with SCI and how sucessfully those needs are being met. 

 View a summary of results (preliminary analysis)

> SCICS fact sheet



SCI Knowledge Mobilization Network

SCI KMN is a community of practice that has evolved out of a national best practice implementation effort. The goal of the network is to improve health outcomes for individuals with SCI with demonstrated economic impact through implementation science leading to innovations in clinical practice. 

SCI KMN fact sheet


Spinal Cord Injury Research Evidence

SCIRE project is dedicated to providing up-to-date, accurate information about the effects of rehabilitation care for people with SCI. SCIRE is available in two versions - one written in everyday language for individuals with SCI and their caregivers, and one written in academic language aimed at health professionals.