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Barriers and facilitators to spinal cord injury: A survey of the international clinical research community


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Study objectives

  • Identify the barriers to conducting international SCI research.
  • Identify current facilitators of international SCI research.
  • Identify new initiatives that could further facilitate international SCI research.
  • Provide a baseline to evaluate future initiatives that are implemented to enhance international SCI research.

How it will make a difference

The goal of this study is to identify and implement initiatives that could be supported by SCI organizations to enhance international collaborations that ultimately could lead to improved care and future cure(s) for persons living with SCI.
How to get involved

To participate, visit www.mustel-surveys.com/SCICollaborationSurvey for more information and to access the online survey. Your participation in the survey will be confidential and anonymous.

Participants will be entered into a draw to win one of three $25 gift cards.

You are eligible to participate if:

  • You are 18 years or older at the time the survey is conducted;
  • You have worked in either SCI clinical practice or SCI research;
  • You can understand English

Who is conducting the survey

This survey is being sponsored by the Rick Hansen Institute, the Institute for Safety, Compensation, and Recovery Research, and the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation and is hosted by a professional research firm.

Participate in the survey


The Rick Hansen Institute is a Canadian-based not-for-profit organization that drives innovation in spinal cord injury research and care. We strive to improve the lives of people living with SCI in Canada and around the world.



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