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Do you have an SCI?

This section of our website provides a brief overview of spinal cord injury and will point you towards some useful community resources that you can tap into to find support, get involved in sports and recreation in your community or participate in research. It also provides information on what you should know before you get involved in therapies like stem cell transplantation or activity-based neural recovery programs.

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Rick's Message

A letter from Rick Hansen

What is SCI?

A brief overview of spinal cord injury

Get Support

Find a community organization nearest you offering emotional and physical support

Get Active

Find community organizations nearest you offering adapted sport and recreational activities

Participate in Research

What you should know if you are considering participating in a clinical trial and a listing of current studies

Activity-based Neural Recovery Programs

Our position on activity-based therapies and what you should know

Stem Cell Research

Our role in stem cell research and what you should know