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Message from the CEO

New website provides in depth overview
of participating in clinical trials

Supporting quality of life initiatives

Neil Squire Society's Computer Comfort Program
helps people with SCI learn the skills they need

Update on Cure and Care Programs

Partnering with Rick Hansen Foundation and ICORD
to advance cures in spinal cord injury

Supporting the Canadians with Disabilities Act

Other News:

Meet RHI's new Consumer Engagement
and Commercialization Leads
RHI's annual report released
Two new board members
Save the date! Praxis 2016 April 25-27, 2016


Along with RHI’s main programs of Cure, Care and Commercialization, our Consumer Program is part of an integrated approach to help us work towards our vision and mission. By engaging individuals in the research process and improving awareness of SCI research, we aim to enhance opportunities for people with SCI to make evidence-based health decisions that will help them lead healthy and productive lives. With the Rick Hansen Foundation’s support of this program, we are working towards these goals every day.

In this edition, we’ve focused on the objectives set out in our Consumer Program. You’ll also learn about the progress made to date in our Cure and Care Programs, the status of the Blusson Integrated Cures Partnership, news about an important initiative from the Rick Hansen Foundation as well as other RHI updates.

I hope you enjoy this issue of the CEO Update. As always, we welcome any feedback about this newsletter. You can contact us at .


Bill Barrable
Chief Executive Officer

New website provides in-depth overview of participating in clinical trials

itstartswithmeAre you looking for a trustworthy site on clinical trials for people interested in learning more or who you think should learn more? A new website (www.itstartswithme.ca) has been developed by patients and caregivers who have participated in a clinical trial, or have had a loved one participate in a clinical trial, and by people who work in clinical trials and research. The website provides an overview of clinical trials, including things to think about or ask before deciding to participate, participant rights, and a glossary of terms. Read more

Supporting Quality of Life initiatives in BC

BC SCI CSNetwork logoDid you know that RHI’s Consumer Program provides funding to community groups to support quality of life initiatives within BC?

Since 2010, the Government of BC has provided RHI with $11 million, of which $4.2 million funding over seven years supports the BC Spinal Cord Injury Community Services Network (BC SCI CSN). The BC SCI CSN is comprised of five community-focused, non-profit organizations dedicated to improving the lives of over 12,000 British Columbian’s with spinal cord injury...  Read more 


Cure and Care Program updates


2015 has been a busy year for RHI’s Cure and Care programs, both led by active and engaged program advisory committees. Dr. Brian Kwon has accepted a second term as Chair of the Cure Advisory Committee and Dr. Catharine Craven has begun her first term as Chair of the Care Advisory Committee. Read more


Partnering with the Rick Hansen Foundation and ICORD to advance cures in spinal cord injury

BICP supportThe Blusson Integrated Cures Partnership (BICP) is a collaboration between RHF, RHI and ICORD (International Collaboration on Repair Discoveries). The purpose of this Partnership is to strengthen and grow the collaboration between these organizations and to provide support and leadership to their international efforts to identify cures for people with SCI. Read more


Supporting the Canadians with Disabilities Act

RHFIn the summer of 2015, Rick Hansen, CEO of the Rick Hansen Foundation, pledged his support for Barrier-Free Canada, an initiative that is advocating for the government to enact a new piece of legislation called the Canadians with Disabilities Act (CDA). The CDA would apply to all persons in Canada with disabilities whether visible or invisible, and whether temporary or permanent. The CDA will ensure accessibility, inclusion and equal opportunity for all Canadians with disabilities, allowing them to live to their full potential. Read more




News from RHI

Meet RHI's new Consumer Engagement and Commercialization Leads

Chernesky JohnJohn Chernesky joins us as RHI's Consumer Engagement Lead having spent the last five years working in radio and television in Vancouver. He has been paralyzed since the age of 16 following a car accident in 1993. John is very active in SCI research, having participated in many studies and recently co-authored a study alongside researchers at ICORD. He is also very involved in the local SCI community and enjoys wheelchair rugby, tennis, downhill skiing and para-rowing. Prior to his in-house role at RHI, John was a member of RHI's Consumer Advisory Committee, which helps shape the consumer engagement strategy.

Jonathan MiodowskiJonathan Miodowski joins RHI as Manager, Commercialization & Industry Relations, where he leads RHI's Commercialization Program to expand and strengthen RHI's network for commercialization purposes, evaluate technologies and implement mechanisms for policy and advocacy. Jonathan is an international trade professional with 15 years experience promoting entrepreneurs and start-ups as well as programs to foster innovation ecosystems and funding mechanisms. Originally from Costa Rica, Jonathan has lived in various international locations, including the US, Israel and most recently Canada. He is fluent in English, Spanish and Hebrew. Jonathan holds an International Executive MBA from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management in Chicago as well as a BSc in Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University in Florida. 

RHI's Annual Report available online

RHI's 2014-2015 Annual Report is now available on our website. Learn more about the progress we have made in the last fiscal year and the invaluable partnerships that have helped us achieve it. Read it online in English or French.

Two new members join RHI's Board of Directors

The Rick Hansen Institute is pleased to announce it has appointed two new members to its Board of Directors, Jerome So and Dustin Paul. Read Jerome and Dustin's full bios here.

Save the date! Praxis 2016 April 25-27, 2016

Hosted by the Rick Hansen Institute, Praxis 2016 is an international conference focused on identifying and overcoming barriers to translating research into outcomes for people living with spinal cord injury. Learn more.