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The Blusson Integrated Cures Partnership (BICP) is a collaboration between RHF, RHI and ICORD (International Collaboration on Repair Discoveries). The purpose of this Partnership is to strengthen and grow the collaboration between these organizations and to provide support and leadership to their international efforts to identify cures for people with SCI.

To date, over 33 individuals have received funding support for their research through the Partnership’s Best and Brightest strategy. This includes ICORD Principal Investigators, Drs. Christopher West and John Kramer, each of whom also secured new faculty appointments at the University of British Columbia. Recruiting new, top tier talent is a critical component in ensuring Blusson remains on the leading edge of the global effort to discover SCI cures.

In addition, the Partnership provides opportunities to engage people with spinal cord injury in the research process, by improving awareness of SCI research knowledge and value while enhancing opportunities to make evidence-based health decisions. This past spring, RHI’s Consumer Advisory Committee held its inaugural meeting and retreat to identify recommendations to support consumer engagement in research.

The Blusson Integrated Cures Partnership provides a unique opportunity for RHF, RHI and ICORD to lead through collaboration. We are thankful for the support that has been provided and look forward to building this solid foundation and furthering the goals of the Partnership in the years to come.