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The Art of Science

How one researcher's work with people with spinal cord injury inspired his passion for painting

RHI Network Member and spinal cord injury researcher, Frédéric Dumont is passionate about two things in life – his research and his art.

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Ensuring Canadians receive equitable care

For clinicians and administrators, participating in the SCI Standards accreditation process can unify care teams and improve patient care

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Partnering with ICORD promotes SCI research excellence

From discovery research to translating those discoveries and implementing them into treatments for people with SCI, it takes an army of dedicated professionals and like-minded organizations working together towards a common goal to reduce the impact of paralysis after SCI.

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Detecting bladder problems early

A new study hopes to prove benefits of telehealth initiatives for bladder management in people with spinal cord injuries

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My Wonderfully Ordinary Life

Karen developed a spinal cord injury at the age of 15. Despite the many challenges, Karen didn’t let her injury stop her from achieving her goals.  

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