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Timely and specialized care key to treating people with spinal cord injury

RHI and its research partners author a special focus issue on traumatic spinal cord injury based on research that examines the patient's journey through the health care system

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Developing a new model of care for spinal cord injury

Rick Hansen SCI Registry provides a baseline for the collection of critical data in Alberta

When you hear about spinal cord injury (SCI), you often hear about the traumatic causes – for example, those sustained from serious falls or car crashes. However, of the 86,000 Canadians living with a spinal cord injury, about half of those individuals sustain their injury from "non-traumatic" causes, such as infections, tumours, neurodegenerative or congenital diseases.

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Cutting Edge Research

Dr. Stephanie Willerth has always been fascinated with how research intersects with technology. But, if someone told her fifteen years ago that she would be using 3D printing in research she says her response would have been "we have to finish sequencing the human genome first! I would also ask if I was using stem cells when printing tissues since I have been fascinated with them since high school."

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Canadian Pressure Ulcer Agenda

Did you know that an estimated 95% of adults with SCI will experience at least one pressure ulcer/injury in their lifetime? It is also the most expensive and preventable secondary complication for people who sustain a SCI, and the health care systems that serve them. 

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Partnership Spotlight: Blusson Integrated Cures Partnership

The Blusson Integrated Cures Partnership (BICP) is a collaboration between ICORD, and the Rick Hansen Institute, established to improve outcomes and health of people living with SCI by advancing research and improving the kind and quality of care available for people with SCI.

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