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Annual Reports

The Rick Hansen Institute publishes its annual report and audited financial statements every year, providing a summary of our achievements in collaboration and leadership in SCI research. These documents contain detailed updates on all RHI-sponsored projects during the previous fiscal year and provide the highest standard of accountability and transparency.

2017/2018 Annual Report (English | French

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> 2017/2018 Audited Financial Statement


2016/2017 Annual Report  English French
2016/2017 Audited Financial Statement English
2015/2016 Annual Report English French
2015/2016 Audited Financial Statement English
2014/2015 Annual Report English French
2014/2015 Audited Financial Statement  English
2013/2014 Annual Report English French
2013/2014 Audited Financial Statement  English
2012/2013 Annual Report English French
2012/2013 Audited Financial Statement English
2012 Summative Evaluation of the Rick Hansen Institute Initiatives Funded by Health Canada English French
2011/2012 Annual Report  English French
2011/2012 Audited Financial Statement English  
2011/2012 Report on Financials and Accomplishments English  
2010/2011 Annual Report English French
2010/2011 Audited Financial Statement English
2009/2010 Annual Report English French
2009/2010 Audited Financial Statement English
2008/2009 Annual Report English French
2007/2008 Annual Report* English French
Independent Midpoint Review English


*Note: 2007/2008 Annual Report is for the SCI Translational Research Network, which was amalgamated with the SCI Solutions Alliance in 2008 to form the SCI Solutions Network and became the Rick Hansen Institute in 2010.