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Your donation makes a real difference

Donations to the Rick Hansen Institute support spinal cord injury research across Canada with the objective of:

> Reducing the incidence and severity of paralysis resulting from a spinal cord injury.

 Increasing and restoring physical function following a spinal cord injury.

 Reducing the incidence and severity of secondary complications associated with spinal cord injury.

Give your gift today

The Rick Hansen Foundation processes online donations for the Rick Hansen Institute.


Donate online (by clicking the link, you will be taken to the Rick Hansen Foundation website) or mail your cheque (payable to Rick Hansen Institute) directly to:

Rick Hansen Institute
Donor Relations
6400-818 West 10th Avenue
Vancouver BC V5Z 1M9

If you have questions about making a donation please email: donation[at]rickhanseninstitute.org or phone 604.827.1683.

The Charitable Registration Number for the Rick Hansen Foundation is 10765 9427 RR0001 and the Charitable Registration Number for the Rick Hansen Institute is 81975 5299 RR0001.

"There is not going to be one single discovery that leads to full recovery following a spinal cord injury (SCI) — but by creating a community dedicated to the cause, we will be able to translate a series of breakthroughs that will steadily create improvements and ultimately lead to recovery of full physical function after SCI."

- Rick Hansen