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Global Research Platform

Global Research Platform

Providing access to a robust source of data on individuals with SCI creates the foundation for high-powered clinical trials and the potential to validate best practices. Such datasets become increasingly useful as more individual patients are included, and their progress monitored over time as they pass through the health care continuum from acute to community-based care. To help support this, RHI has developed a powerful web-based tool – the Global Research Platform.

What is the Global Research Platform?

A simple turn-key solution for electronic data collection, the Global Research Platform (GRP) is a secure, web-based data collection and data warehousing platform that makes the technology component easy, while increasing the quality of data collected.

As a Rick Hansen Institute innovation, GRP is designed to help accelerate research by providing an easy, flexible platform to help researchers run studies with a minimum of effort and funding. In production since 2011, GRP runs in more than 20 multi-site studies, national registries, quality improvement studies and international studies and currently includes more than 5,000 individual study participants.

International collaborations are underway with research groups in the United States, Europe, Australia, China, Israel, New Zealand and others. GRP has flexibility, usability, scalability and high security.

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The Rick Hansen Institute is a Canadian-based not-for-profit organization that drives innovation in spinal cord injury research and care. We strive to improve the lives of people living with SCI in Canada and around the world.

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Cover Action Plan

Just released! Praxis Action Plan

The Action Plan was developed as a direct result of stakeholders' interest and commitment to further unify the SCI community as we work towards our collective goal of moving research into action and providing concrete solutions for people living with SCI. More >



Jack hockey sm

Rick Hansen Institute pledges support to prevent spinal cord injuries in hockey

RHI and Parachute's partnership supports the prevention of spinal cord injury and increased safety in hockey, especially amongst youth. The Institute, a leader in spinal cord injury research and innovation, has pledged financial support to Parachute for the Canadian Ice Hockey Spinal Injury Registry, an existing registry of spine and spinal cord injuries sustained in hockey games. More >


RHI ONF UT AnnouncementRick Hansen Institute and Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation announce Fellowship at the University of Toronto Department of Physical Therapy

Postdoctoral fellowship established in honour of Rick and Amanda Hansen's contributions to spinal cord injury research and care. More >





Generating knowledge and establishing treatments that will lead to cures for paralysis after SCI




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Engaging people with SCI, improving awareness and enhancing opportunities